Achievement Gets Decreased, Unipa Manokwari will Hold Face-to-Face Lectures – The University of Papua (Unipa) Manokwari launched a vaccination center for students and education staff to form herd immunity in the independent campus program towards face-to-face lectures.

The Chancellor of the University of Papua, Meky Sagrim, in a statement on the Unipa campus, Thursday (26/8/2021) said that the vaccination for new students was held centrally on this campus so that all students and lecturers were expected to be serviced.

“This COVID-19 vaccination targets students and lecturers for face-to-face lectures,” said Sagrim.

The Chancellor of Unipa said that the implementation of online lectures has so far been considered less effective, because it has an impact on academic achievement and student competence.

“During the implementation of online lectures, we observed that academic achievement and student competence were  away from what was expected,” said Meky Sagrim.

He said that of the more than 22,000 total students on the Unipa campus, those who had been vaccinated would be recorded in the university system to form study groups/face-to-face lectures.

“For students who have been vaccinated, face-to-face study groups will be made. Meanwhile, students who have not been vaccinated will be involved but with the implementation of strict health protocols,” said the Chancellor.

The Chancellor said that the opening of Unipa learning activities would start on August 30, 2021, but the lectures were still running in online form.

“The opening of lectures on August 30 but still onlin.  While the student vaccination process is running, the lectures will be adjusted to the formation of study groups,” added the Chancellor.

Separately, the Governor of West Papua, Dominggus Mandacan, also launched a vaccination program for pregnant women in Padarni Village, West Manokwari.

The governor hopes that the COVID-19 vaccination program in this province will run optimally, targeting the general public, students and pregnant women.

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