Accelerating a Papuan Vaccination – In the limited meeting on the last August 30, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) affirmed his permission concerning the presence of the limited spectators for the implementation of the National Sports Week (PON) XX of Papua. They who are allowed to watch PON are those who have been vaccinated.

A Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno in a virtual Weekly Briefing, on the last August 30, said that the detailed rules regarding spectators in the  arena of PON XX are still being seriously discussed by the government. For example, regarding the allowed capacity in one arena or stadium during the match which will be held on October 2-15, 2021. Including the audience who attended for they were invited by the government.

In an official report issued by the  Control, Prevention and Handling Task Force for  Covid-19 of Papua Province on September 2, 2021, it was stated that the vaccination achievement in Jayapura City for dose 1 reached 50.8 percent and dose 2 was 31.8. At Jayapura District, the vaccination dose 1 reached 47.8 percent, and dose 2 reached 29.9 percent. At Mimika Regency, the vaccination dose 1 at   has reached 49.9 percent, and dose 2 has reached 32.4 percent.

Meanwhile, for Merauke Regency, dose 1 has reached 53.9 percent and dose 2 has reached 33.8 percent. Meantime, the closest district to Jayapura, namely Keerom Regency, dose 1 vaccination reached 33.5 percent and dose 2 reached 22.3 percent.

It was also noted that the daily development of Covid-19 cases in Jayapura City averaged 5 cases, Mimika 8 cases, Merauke 5 cases, and Jayapura Regency 0 cases. Meanwhile, in all of Papua Province, the addition of daily cases is around 43 cases.

The head of the Jayapura District Health Office, Khairul Lie, said that the coverage of the terrain in Jayapura was difficult. In addition, some people have already fallen for hoaxes about Covid-19 and vaccinations. However, his party did not remain silent and continued to strive so that the 70 percent vaccine target could be achieved by the Jayapura Regency Government.

Khairul Lie said that the Jayapura Regent, Mathius Awoitauw, had issued a circular addressed to elements of the Regional Leadership Coordination Forum (Forkopimda), heads of government agencies, heads of private institutions, as well as BUMN/BUMD, church leaders of each place of worship, as well as heads of districts and sub-districts / villages throughout Jayapura Regency. In this circular, the Jayapura Regency Government asked the public to be obligated to vaccinate, especially in Sentani District, East Sentani District, and Waibhu District. These districts are the location of the venue of PON XX in Jayapura Regency. In addition, in this circular, the Jayapura Regency Government asks the heads of districts and sub-districts/villages to increase socialization efforts to the elderly and the elderly.

The Jayapura Regency Government is also diligent in carrying out socialization and education on the Covid-19 vaccine in the smallest community in its area. They also involved village heads and district heads in villages in the venue area.

The government also carries out vaccinations through a vaccination centre program in communities of places of worship and offices. The government through the Health Office also redistributed COVID-19 vaccination officers to venue areas in an effort to accelerate it, while in non-venue areas during July being carried out routine vaccinations in accordance with the days set by the Puskesmas.

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