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Academics to Traditional Elders Talk about Special Autonomy and the Division of Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – The Papuan Police held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with academics, intellectuals and traditional elders in Papua, regarding the advantages and disadvantages of special autonomy (otsus) and the expansion of Papua. The activity took place at a hotel in Abepura, Tuesday 26 April 2022.

The Acting Head of Sub-Directorate I of the Papua Regional Police’s Intelligence and Security Directorate, Kompol Sujono, explained the importance of holding a FGD following the enactment of the bill for the expansion of 3 new autonomous regions (DOB) by the Indonesian Parliament, but there were groups who rejected and accepted the policy.

“We from the police express that the for and against in policy are normal. However, we must address and convey how we all view this policy. With the FGD, we hope to find a solution. If there are different opinions, the heart and mind must be cool, “he explained.

The chairman of the Umel Mandiri Papua BEM, R. Sinaga, said that the division of Papua had its for and against. The first thing to its advantage is that the monitoring function can be more affordable. This means that the government will easily reach areas in Papua. Then, opening up opportunities of occupations for the community to employ and utilize existing Human Resources (HR).

As for the disadvantages, namely the degradation and exploitation of natural resources in Papua, it will be excessive and detrimental to the Papuan people, because the Papuan people live from nature. Then there is the destruction of protected forests, which is currently facing global warming.

“Another disadvantage is that KKN problems can arise in the Papuan government and can have a negative impact on the welfare of the Papuan people’s trust in the government,” he said.

Papuan figure, Thaha Alhamid, explained that Otsus was not something extraordinary. He explained that Otsus is special autonomy, where a region is given special autonomy if there is political upheaval in that area and is the result of long negotiations and struggles.

“Now there is Otsus volume II and honestly, I don’t really understand this. But I think it’s not much different. The goal is to make Papua prosperous, so that no one else shouts Papua independence. Now there is also such a thing as DOB. Back in 2000, in Abepura Prison, Theis said the Governor and the MRP to create a division and prioritize the Lapago area. Now the division has started from the south or Merauke,” he said.

Thaha said the division in Merauke had existed for a long time. Merauke is a large area and only consists of 1 district. “If we can build this area, then we don’t need to buy rice from Java, but we can sell our rice outside,” he said.

On the same occasion, the Cenderawasih University Lecturer, Prof. Dr. Melkias Hetharia explained that the division of Papua brought good things. The plus side is more.

“Even the negative side isn’t there. Are we afraid of looting in the forest that destroys the forest? Even though there are already many rules in this country and the destroyers are naughty people from among the businessmen and rulers,” he said.

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