A Yapen Local Government Accommodates Regional Development Aspirations through Dialogue

goodmorningpapua.com – The Yapen Islands Regional Government held an interactive dialogue to accommodate people’s aspirations regarding regional development to welcome the 53rd anniversary.

The dialogue which was held at RRI Serui for one hour, attended by the Regent of Yapen Islands Tonny Tesar and Deputy Regent of Yapen Islands, Frans Sanadi, received much appreciation from radio listeners.

The Regent of Yapen Islands, Tonny Tesar said, the interactive dialogue in the context of the 53rd Anniversary of the Yapen Islands aims to bring regional development more advanced and prosperous.

“I think all regents are also building, of the 9 regents, we certainly want the Yapen people to be more advanced, comfortable and prosperous, and I think the people can judge the development in Yapen,” said Tonny Tesar, Friday, March 4, 2022.

A Deputy Regent of Yapen Islands, Frans Sanadi, assessed that the interactive dialogue was very significant. As a medium for evaluating the government’s performance, the dialogue will continue to absorb people’s aspirations.

“We hope that the public can provide criticism both verbally and in writing by means of a dialogue. Because without community criticism and support, the region (Yapen) will not develop,” said Frans Sanadi.

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