A Wondama Tribal Chief Protests the Selection Results of IPDN Candidates

goodmorningpapua.com – The Wondama chief, Yan Antoni Yoteni, did not agree with the results of the IPDN civil service candidate selection. He suspected that the IPDN original male/female quota was actually filled by participants from other districts.

“Wondama’s quota was allegedly filled by people from Manokwari. Even though Wondama’s children exist and get quite high scores. We ask that this quota be given back to the Wondama child who gets the highest score,” said Yoteni, Friday, September 10, 2021.

Yan Yoteni stated that he would complain about the results of the selection of IPDN candidates to the West Papua House of Representatives. He hopes this issue gets the concerns of the agency.

“We hope that the DPR PB can convey this matter to the Minister of Home Affairs,” hoped Yan Yoteni, who is also a member of the Special Autonomy Faction of the DPR West Papua.

Yan Yoteni expressed his appreciation to the West Papuan People’s Assembly [MPRB], which participated in supervising the selection process for IPDN candidates from the district level. In fact, he considered MRPB to have properly overseen the process.

“MRPB has escorted well, but what kind of game is there so that the Wondama people’s quota is taken over. Don’t play around, with the ways like this,  it’s really not commendable, “said Yoteni.

He also questioned the reasons that were used as the basis so that a number of Wondama’s native children died in the selection. “A number of Wondama native children participating in the selection of IPDN student candidates achieved the high scores, but they were not accommodated. What was the reason for the selection committee to eliminate them,” he asked.

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