A Way Students Develop Papua and Civic Education

goodmorningpapua.com – There are many ways to develop Papua. This time the idea came from a number of students who are members of the Nusantara BEM throughout Papua.

A chairman of BEM Universitas Cenderewasih (BEM-UNCEN) Yops Itlay, said BEM UNCEN as the host of the meeting expressed his gratitude to the students who attended and were directly involved to see and be involved in addressing the situation in Papua, especially educational issues.

“We thank the students who were present. In this occasion, the UNCEN BEM conveyed the humanitarian situation in Papua and hoped that the Nusantara BEM would be a bridge so that the central government pays attention to the ongoing humanitarian and educational issues,” said Yops in his statement, Sunday 5 December 2021.

In the same opportunity, BEM Nusantara also distributed 1,000 books to SD Inpres Kwimi, Arso District, Keerom Regency, Papua. BEM Nusantara also promised to build a library to complete the facilities at SD Inpres Kwimi so that it could help the existing younger students.

“We make this meeting a constructive recommendation for the advancement of education in Papua,” said Eko Pratama, Coordinator of the Nusantara BEM Alliance Center.

Eko also added that this activity must be encouraged because the contribution of ideas from all Papuan students is needed and synergized with BEM Nusantara.

“We make sure that we will really be here to realize what we have committed to,” he added.

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