A Way BAWASLU of Jayapura City Guards the Rights of Voter from Beginners with Disabilities

goodmorningpapua.com – The Jayapura City Bawaslu continues to oversee the involvement of novice voters, especially those with disabilities, so that they can participate in the 2024 General Election.

One way to do this is to collaborate with the Jayapura City Population and Civil Registration Office (Disdukcapil) in recording e-KTPs for novice voters with disabilities.

This time, the Jayapura City Disdukcapil and Bawaslu picked up the ball to record the e-KTP at SLB I Jayapura in Kotaraja, Jayapura City. As a result, around 30 students recorded their e-KTP.

“There are 39 students over the age of 17. Some of them already have an e-KTP and some don’t. We are grateful for the effort to pick up the e-KTP recording ball at this school. Today, there are around 30 students who are recording e-KTPs,” said the Principal of SLBN I Jayapura Kamino, Thursday, September 8, 2022.

For students who already have an e-KTP, just doing cross-check the data. Then for students who do not have a Child Identity Card (KIA) are welcome to do the recording.

The chairman of the Jayapura City Bawaslu, Frans JZ Rumsarwir, explained that the e-KTP recording was carried out in the context of participatory monitoring and safeguarding the voting rights of beginners and people with disabilities, especially in SLBN I Jayapura.

“We see problems in the 2019 election, people with disabilities have not received special attention in terms of being registered as voters,” he said.

Therefore, Jayapura City Bawaslu needs to ensure that novice voters, especially people with disabilities, have been recorded in the voter data, one of the requirements is to have an e-KTP.

Head of the Disdukcapil Division of Jayapura City, Sapta Adi Widodo, explained that the ball pick-up program was carried out to bring Disdukcapil closer to residents, through kelurahan, RT/RW, and even through schools as was done at SLB 1 Jayapura.

Moreover, Jayapura City Disdukcapil already has a portable recording, so it is easy to carry and can do mobile recording.

A chairman of Commission A of the Jayapura City DPRD, Mukri Hamadi, who was present at this activity, welcomed the Jayapura City Bawaslu initiative by cooperating with the Disdukcapil to record e-KTP for voters with disabilities.

“This activity is also to maintain democracy so that it can run well and the constitutional rights of all Indonesian citizens can be served and confirmed to be included in the voters in the 2024 election,” he said.

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