A Viral Video on a Group from Papua New Guinea Supporting KKB, Here's the Explanation of the Indonesian Ambassador

A Viral Video on a Group from Papua New Guinea Supporting KKB, Here’s the Explanation of the Indonesian Ambassador

goodmorningpapua.com – A viral video of a social group from New Guinea supporting an Armed Criminal Group (KKB). However, their actions are considered not representing the citizens or the armed forces in the country.

The Indonesian Ambassador to New Guinea and Solomon Islands, Andriana Supandy and the staff of the Indonesian Embassy in Port Moresby have approached and confirmed the New Guinea government regarding the publication of the video.

In a written statement from the Indonesian Embassy in Port Moresby, a group of New Guinean people claiming to be from province of East Sepik and wearing military uniforms are considered to have an impact on good relations between Indonesia and New Guinea.

 “The Papua New Guinea government respects the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia over its territory and considers that the problems both in the Papua and West Papua provinces are domestic issues of the Indonesian government,” the Indonesian Embassy said in statement.

Currently the Papua New Guinea government has assigned authorized officials and officers to do investigations in the East Sepik province. For, they wore military uniforms and demonstrated firearms in their uploading.

Meanwhile, the Commander of the Papua New Guinean Armed Forces Major General Gilbert Toropo had explained that the group in the video didn’t represent the people or armed forces of Papua New Guinea.

“The group’s actions constitute treachery because it claims to have formed an armed force outside a legitimate institution,” he said.

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