A Tourist Attraction of Wafsarak Waterfall Biak Numfor Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – The Wafsarak Biak Numfor Waterfall tourist attraction is one of the best tourist destinations in the Papua region.

Until now, many people only think that the natural beauty in West Papua is limited to Raja Ampat. Whereas, there are many interesting tourist destinations for tourists to visit, such as Wafsarak Waterfall.

As for this one waterfall, it looks stunning with its clear water flow and a very wide forest area.

If you are curious about the beauty of Wafsarak Waterfall, then you can see the complete information below.

This tourist spot in the Biak Numfor Regency of Papua is a tourist spot presenting natural views that are still awake for visitors.

It’s just that the popularity of this one tourist spot is still not familiar to many people even though the tourism potential is quite good.

Only local citizens and people who know about it make this destination a vacation destination, although Wafsarak Waterfall is on the side of the road and easy for visitors to access. Even, the roar is so audible even though you are driving a motor vehicle. Unfortunately, the promotion from the Papuan government is still very lacking.

The location of Wafsarak Waterfall is precisely in the City of Biak Papua, which is very easy for tourists to access.

If you are currently in the city center, it is necessary to travel as far as 60 kilometers.

The distance tourists can pass with a duration of about 2 hours and there are treats of green scenery that soothes the eyes.

The journey to arrive at Wafsarak Waterfall is fairly quiet, but visitors should not lose their guard because there are many sharp turns.

Visitors interested in coming to Wafsarak Biak Numfor Waterfall need not to spend deeply

Because the price of admission to Wafsarak Waterfall is quite affordable, you only need to pay Rp. 35 thousand per person.

Meanwhile, there are no opening or closing hours for the Wafsarak Waterfall destination.

That way you can come at any time and without worrying about the tour closing.

But it’s good for visitors to come in the morning because the air is still fresh and the sun is shining brightly.

But before visiting here, make sure that the weather forecast for that day is bright.

Because of not many people know Wafsarak Waterfall, the facilities in that place are quite limited. There are only toilets and wooden benches lined around the flow of the waterfall.

The toilets at Wafsarak Waterfall are classified as clean because there are rarely visitors and they seem to be routinely cared for by the local community.

But for the wooden benches, many have started to rot so they are not suitable for visitors to use.

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