A Team of Ciputra University Lecturer Trains an Online Business in Papua

goodmorningpapua.com-Fabio Ricardo Toreh and Yoanita Tahalele took almost 24 hours of a travel from Surabaya to Biak, Papua. The journey in the midst of the pandemic forced the plane to Biak stopping for a while in two other cities, Jakarta and Makassar. The visit could be considered reckless.

“Indeed, people from Surabaya, yes, so we are really called a reckless alias Bonek since we want to come there,” said Ita, Yoanita greeting.

The compliment of Bonek came from the Biak Regional Government. It is said that many requests for cooperation with other parties are held online. Only those who dare to come directly for teaching.

Ita and Fabio have a mission to introduce an online business to women in Biak. Many mothers have lost their income since the pandemic occurred. Activities are increasingly limited and their products cannot be sold. “Because of they all sell offline, they eventually have lost their income,” said Fabio.

Through the hands-on operation [Blusukan], it is hoped that they will be able to return to selling even though they are still online. At least 30 participants participated in their training.

“it is so touched, until now they are all active. There is no protocol yet,” said Ita.

Even though they have had cell phones for years, participants do not know the marketplace or social media to sell. There are those who like Facebook, but just playing for fun.

“I am often ridiculed by my children, my mother doesn’t know Tokopedia or Instagram,” said one participant. When he started playing Instagram, his son immediately teased him. “Finally, I know technology too, mama,” he said.

One of the challenging moments is creating photos of the best product. Previously, they only took photos of the products they made. Sometimes the background is a messy kitchen. The product is so unobtrusive. In fact, the more attractive the photo, the more convinced potential buyers are. “We have to use simple, minimalistic materials. Just use used cardboard,” said Fabio. The cardboard has been transformed into a mini studio covered with plain Manila paper. Voila! The product placed in the middle of the box looks very attractive on the camera.

“We also learn to use their cell phones. Because of that’s the tool that will be used by the next participant, right,” continued the man from Surabaya. Tricks to eliminate shadows, lighting with lights, to product arrangement were also trained in one meeting. Participants were amazed. Apparently, making photos good does not need to hire an expensive photographer, you can do it at home too.

Marini Yunita, program coordinator, said that the visit to Biak was the most memorable experience. “So far, we are still in Java. Once there is an offer to Biak with Wahana Visi, the challenge becomes even more fun,” said the Head of the UC Fashion Product Design & Business Study Program. Not only training, his party also accompanies participants until the end of the year. Mentoring is carried out to see the effectiveness of online businesses with participant income in the midst of a pandemic. 

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