A Sustainable Papua Development

goodmorningpapua.com – Three new autonomous regions in Papua are being prepared. If according to schedule, by the end of October, there will be three figures who will occupy positions as acting governors.

It’s just that if looking at the information circulating, these three “regional heads” positions will be filled by officials from outside Papua. Although the goal is only to prepare a definitive leader, with almost 2 years, at least there will be many dynamics that occur from time to time.

If not master regional conditions, social culture and culture, it is feared that if there is a polemic in the community, it will be difficult to resolve. Regarding PJ candidates who are not from Papua, according to John Gobay, let the central government decide. John doesn’t seem to want to care because after all, for him, everything will be in accordance with the wishes of Jakarta or the central government. Not what the people in Papua want.

“Just decide for yourself, those who design, those who run. It’s useless to propose because the results can already be known,” quipped John in his office at the DPRP, Monday (3/10) yesterday.

             However, he reminded that Indonesia is a state of law and everything is regulated by rules, not entrusted. “I don’t know if this group is entrusted with political interests. If that’s Jakarta’s decision, go ahead, Jakarta will make it and Jakarta will decide. I just want to say that don’t always look at Papua from Monas. Come and see for yourself,” he quipped in a high pitched voice.

“Please convey it to the ears of the central government, please convey it as usual. Although I know that there is hope from the community that the incumbent and the Regional Secretary will be Papuans. But again, this is a state of law called rechtsstaat, let Jakarta decide who is the best for them,” he quipped again.

For him, the aspirations of the people should also be heard. Even if it’s just an official. “That’s an aspiration and everything is okay. I don’t want to mention who fits the criteria but there are definitely worthy ones. The most important thing is to understand local conditions and needs. Understand the dynamics of the community, the character and difficulties of the area they lead. Once again, Papua cannot only be seen from Monas,” he said.

“I have no interest from these officials and I believe that as long as people can open themselves to listen to suggestions, build a good team work not as long as you are happy, providing false information, it definitely will be good,” he added.

            But if you only take advantage of the opportunity to find food, for him, it will be difficult. “Sometimes ideally people talk only about preparing but this will not be separated from the sponsor’s message as well. For groups who want to influence state policies, this must be stopped,” he concluded.

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