A Social Minister Risma Supports Economic Empowerment in Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – A Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini made a Working Visit to Waropen Regency, Papua on Friday 22 JULY 2022. During the trip to Waropen Regency, the Social Minister transited in several areas.

When she arrived in Biak, the Minister of Social Affairs saw the potential for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to market local foods, such as sago, cassava and VCO oil. “I’ll assits market it later,” said the Minister of Social Affairs while looking at the work of MSMEs in Biak Regency.

Arriving in Serui, Yapen Islands, the Minister of Social Affairs visited one of the seaweed cultivation sites in Manabay tourist attraction. The Minister of Social Affairs took a dialogue with the farmers to find out their needs.

Based on the results of the dialogue, the Minister of Social Affairs will send assistance in the form of permanent tents according to the request of the farmers. This type of tent is to protect the seaweed from the rain when it is being dried / dried in the sun.

Arriving in Waropen District, the Minister of Social Affairs was greeted cheerfully by Papuan children. With the jargons, the children dared to express and express some requests.

Some asked for bicycles, boats, balls to badminton. The Minister of Social Affairs also had time to play with the children, teaching them to play chess. This request will be pursued by the Ministry of Social Affairs for the happiness of the nation’s next generation.

In Waropren, the visit was carried out with the agenda of handing over grant assistance for services at the XVIII session of the Synod of the Evangelical Christian Church (GKI) in Papua, Klasis GKI Waropen. The assistance provided from the Ministry of Social Affairs amounted to a total of IDR 4.7 billion.

This assistance consists of 2000 units of Veltbed, 2000 units of mattresses, 2000 blankets, 25 packages of public kitchen utensils, 50 units of tank profiles, 30,000 kg of rice, 25 MW PJUTS solar cells + 100 3 M poles, 100 units of SHS Solar cells. , 1 package of learning school, 1000 tumblers and 2000 pillows. There is also assistance for service operations in the form of 2 PC All in One computers, sports equipment and children’s play equipment.

This grant assistance will be used for accommodation of congregations who attend from various places as visitors, processing/providing consumption of participants and congregation visitors, needs for health posts, security, accommodation water storage, consumption of participants and visitors, accommodation lighting to learning schools for isolated tribes.

The Minister of Social Affairs said that if possible at this trial, there were programs being able to be carried out together. “I always hear what my community wants. So, the program is from all of you, because those who understand the needs are all of you,” she said.

The Minister of Social Affairs also said that he believed that if the people were prosperous, then everything would be easy. The General Chair of the GKI Synod in Papua, Pastor Andrikus Mofu welcomed the presence of the Ministry of Social Affairs which was not the first time. “This is a real action with the government. This proves that we have the same spirit and responsibility,” she said.

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