A Social Barn in Teluk Wondama, West Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – A Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos) has prepared a social granary in Teluk Wondama Regency, West Papua, to store food items needed by the community during a disaster in the area. The existence of social barn in disaster-prone areas is very important to maintain the availability of food, especially when a disaster occurs.

“Social barn are not only for a short time, but will be continued. Assistance distributed to social granaries please be distributed to the entire community. This is a form of preparedness for disasters,” said Komarudin as a representative of the Ministry of Social Affairs when met in Wasior, Friday (19/8/2022). ).

For the first stage, the Ministry of Social Affairs chose the Wondama Evangelical Christian Church (GKI) Classic Office to be the social granary post for Teluk Wondama Regency. On Tuesday (16/8/2022) the first social granary was filled at the GKI Wondama Class Office with logistics in the form of food for children.

Komarudin said that logistics stored in social granaries are generally food ingredients so they have a validity period. Therefore, the Ministry of Social Affairs asked the Klasis GKI Wondama to distribute the existing goods to the people and other communities in need, both within the internal scope of GKI and other elements of society.

“If later Kadinsos and the Head of Klasis want to use the items in the preparedness activities, go ahead. When it’s finished, please write a letter because the Minister of Social Affairs (Tri Rismaharini) will directly take care of it. So it’s not tiered anymore,” said Komarudin coming with his colleague Gerard Alexander.

The Chairperson of the GKI Wondama Klasis, Reverend Rosalie Wamafma, appreciates the trust of the Ministry of Social Affairs in choosing the GKI Wondama Klasis Office as a social granary post. Pastor Ros, as he is known as his close friend, interprets the existence of a social barn at the GKI Wondama Classic Office as a gift for the 77th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

“Coinciding with the celebration of the 77th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, we as citizens of this nation have received blessings from the Ministry of Social Affairs. We have always believed that God has many ways to help us,” said Pastor Ros.

The Head of the Wondama Bay Social Service, Eka Wosiri, explained that Wondama Bay Regency is a flood-prone area because it has many rivers. According to Wosiri, in the Wasior area and its surroundings alone, there are at least 52 rivers ranging in size from small to large.

“Floods have come repeatedly. So we really need an assistance hand from the central government, especially the Ministry of Social Affairs,” said Wosiri.

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