A Social Assistance for COVID-19 Very Quickly Arrives in Mimika Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – Social assistance (Bansos) from the government in regard to the implementation of PPKM Level 4 arrived in Mimika, Papua Province.

The distribution of the social assistance was escorted by the local Bhabinkamtibmas. For the amount of assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs through the Badan Urusan Logistik (Bulog) for July 2021 period, intended for 1 subdistrict and 9 villages in Kwamki Narama District, as many as 1,163 sacks of rice or 11,630 kilograms.

“Rice is distributed according to the data to the beneficiaries. We hope that this assistance can be used properly,” explained Bhabinkamtibmas Aipda Sunaraono, Sunday (1/8).

Bhabinkamtibmas Aipda Sunaraono explained that the social assistance was given to the village head and each village head with details of Kelurahan Harapan received 440 sacks of rice, Landu Mekar Village received 56 sacks of rice, Lamopi Village received 76 sacks of rice, Mekurima Village received 112 rice bags.

Meanwhile, Kampung Amole received 88 sacks of rice, Kampung Olaroa received 66 sacks of rice, Kampung Damai received as many as 78 sacks of rice, Kampung Walani received as many as 86 sacks of rice, Kampung Lima Bintang received as many as 87 sacks of rice and Kampung Tunas Matoa received as many as 74 sacks of rice.

Mimika implements PPKM Level 4 until August 14, 2021. It’s just that the activities of people in Mimika have been relaxed, from previously being limited to 18.00 WIT. Currently, social activities have been extended to 20.00 WIT.

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