A Service for Driver’s License [SIM] Takes a Container Truck, Covering 100 Kilometers in Inland of Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – The Mimika Police Traffic Unit (Satlantas) provides a mobile driver’s license (SIM) extension service in the Tembagapura District, Mimika Regency. Because the location is 100 Kilometers and traversing difficult terrain, the mobile SIM service car eventually has to be transported using a container truck.

A Kasatlantas Mimika Police, Iptu Defrizal said the mobile SIM service was intended for PT Freeport mining workers. As stated by him, the location of the service is far and must pass through difficult terrain.

“To serve SIM extensions for employees in the Tembagapura District is indeed difficult to reach. Therefore, we pick up the ball,” said Defrizal when contacted, Sunday (30/1/2022).

Defrizal said that the SIMs that were being extended were SIM A and SIM C. He said that the mobile SIM service was carried out to make it easier for employees so they don’t have to go down (timika city).

“They are difficult to get off because they have to follow company rules. For that, we ask the management of PT Freeport to be able to facilitate SIM renewal services for employees,” said Defrizal.

“Because these employees have their licenses extended, so they can drive again and operate the tools or vehicles they hold,” he continued.

Furthermore, Defrizal appreciated the management of PT Freeport. He said that the SIM Mobile activity was welcomed by the management of PT Freeport.

“The management is very positive with this Mobile SIM program from us. We help minimize the risk of employees who when they come home from leave, have not extended their SIM in their home area,” said Defrizal.

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