A Sad News, John Mirin, a DPR Member of the PAN Fraction from Papua, Dies of Covid-19

goodmorningpapua.com – The National Mandate Party (PAN) is in mourning. One of the best cadres and member of the DPR from Papua, John Siffy Mirin, took his last breath at the Gatot Soebroto Army Hospital, Central Jakarta, Saturday (3/7/2021) at 03.40 WIB.

“It’s been about a week since the late John Mirin was fighting against Covid-19. Yet his health continued to decline until he finally passed away,” said PAN General Chair Zulkifli Hasan, Saturday (3/7/2021).

During that week, Zulhas admitted that he continued to communicate intensely with the Wasekjen and PAN cadre from Papua, Rosaline Irene Rumaseuw, who accompanied the deceased John Mirin and his family. Rosaline continued to report on the development of John’s health until finally he had to be rushed to the Jakarta Medistra Hospital.

According to Zulhas, John’s health has reportedly deteriorated since Friday (2/7/2021). His oxygen saturation continued to decrease and he had to be assisted by a ventilator. Meanwhile, because of the hospital was full, John was still being treated in the ER while waiting for an empty ICU room. ICU rooms are prioritized for Covid-19 patients who are pregnant so that other patients are next in line.

“I immediately contacted Saleh Daulay, chairman of the PAN fraction of the DPR and member of Commission IX to try to find other alternatives. Saleh Daulay tried for hours until midnight and I eventually received news at 01.15 this morning that John could be transferred to the ICU room of Gatot Soebroto Army Hospital. “John’s family agreed to be moved. I asked Saleh and Rosaline to immediately take care of the ambulance,” said Zulhas.

The Deputy Chairperson of the MPR admitted that he had not slept all night and continued to pray for John Miri’s recovery and safety. May God give him a strength, but the fate appeared in otherwise, he got a call from Rosaline John Mirin who had died at 03.40 WIB.

“I am very sad to hear this. This is sad news for the umpteenth time that has hit PAN during this pandemic,” he said.

“Farewell to the PAN cadre, the pride of the Papuan people, John Mirin. May you rest in peace, God bless John’s struggle so far. On behalf of himself and the big family of PAN, I also express my deep condolences to the bereaved family”, said Zulhas.

For Saleh Daulay and Rosaline Rumaseuw, Zulhas expressed his great appreciation and gratitude for their hard efforts to help the late John Mirin. Hope you get a good reply for all that you have tried so far.

“This grief is not only for PAN, but for Papua and Indonesia. Hopefully it will be a reminder for us to be more vigilant and care for each other during this pandemic,” he said.

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