A Risma Sibarani Story, 37 Years of Serving as a Teacher in Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – During her 37 years of service as an Elementary School (SD) teacher in Jayapura, Papua, Risma Sibarani expressed her hopes for the world of education in this country.

When met by goodmorningpapua.com in Jayapura Friday (25/11/2022), Risma said she was from Medan, North Sumatra and first arrived in Jayapura in 1985.

“At that time I was immediately placed at SD Inpres Pasir 2 Jayapura, and I am still teaching there until now, until I plan to retire in January 2023,” he said.

In the teacher moment, Risma hopes that teachers’ rights will be paid more attention, especially teachers in rural areas.

“If we look at it from the past to now, of course a lot has changed, for example, in the past we still had to walk to school, but now we don’t,” she added.

Then, she said that the students and the school environment had also changed. In the past, for example, the roads weren’t asphalted, so when it rained they usually had to take off their shoes so they wouldn’t get muddy.

Asked about curriculum changes from year to year, she said that from the 2013 curriculum to the independent curriculum, in her opinion, it was indeed more complicated when viewed from the format.

“If you want to create an independent curriculum or a new curriculum, there must be provision for teachers, so that teachers have more knowledge,” she said.

Apart from that, Risma sees that the condition of teachers in Papua has received a lot of attention, but not a few are still being neglected.

Lastly, this smiling woman hopes that the welfare of the unsung heroes will get better, and their rights will get more attention.

Just to note, this year, the theme for celebrating National Teacher’s Day in 2022 is Simultaneously Innovating, Realizing Independent Learning.

The 2022 National Teacher’s Day celebration coincides with the 77th Anniversary of the Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI).

The purpose of celebrating National Teacher’s Day is as a moment to express gratitude for the struggle of teachers in teaching and guiding students.

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