A Regent Yakobus Dumupa Inaugurates a Regional Secretary of Dogiyai, Petrus Agapa

goodmorningpapua.com – The Dogiyai Regent Yakobus Dumupa, SIP, MIP reminded that various programs in the context of realizing the vision and mission of the Dogiyai Regency Government (Pemkab) of Dogiyai, Papua Province are planned quickly, precisely, and maturely based on regulations without using passion. Fast, precise, and mature planning as well as quick and careful action with the community help realize the regional visions and missions.

“I advised the new Regional Secretary, Pak Petrus Agapa, to immediately move quickly with the leaders of regional apparatus organizations and the ranks of the bureaucracy to advance Dogiyai in planning various programs in each OPD. I ask not to use lust so that these programs are useful in realizing Dogiyai Bahagia’s vision and mission,” said Regent Yakobus Dumupa when inaugurating Drs Petrus Agapa M.Si as a Regional Secretary of Dogiyai Regency in the hall of the Gospel Tabernacle Church (Kingmi) Klasis Kamuu Digikotu , Mowanemani, Dogiyai, Papua, Monday (24/1). That’s the written statement received from Mowanemani, the city of Dogiyai Regency, Papua, Monday (24/1).

As stated by the Regent of Dumupa, Petrus Agapa is a senior official and bureaucrat within the Dogiyai Regency Government. Agapa is also known as a bureaucrat who understands the work of the bureaucracy well and the work of government services and development for the community and the region. Therefore, the Regent of Dumupa expects the new Secretary of State to always be in the office to carry out formal tasks with the OPD and ASN leaders to serve the community.

“The position of regional secretary is very strategic. He’s a head of the biocracy. Thus, I ask the new Secretary of State to be a role model for bureaucrats and civil servants. The Regional Secretary may only leave the office during holidays or carry out official activities, including urgent matters with the Regent’s permission,” continued the Regent of Dumupa,

In addition, the Dumupa Regent expects the new Secretary to carry out the duties and obligations of fostering employees in order to improve service quality. In addition, it is expected to enforce work discipline to serve the Dogiyai community. He asked the Regional Secretary not to reluctant to give punishment to employees who violate discipline.

“I also ask the Regional Secretary to give appreciation for state civil servants who appreciate. Thus, they are increasingly motivated to excel and serve the community wholeheartedly,” said the Dumupa Regent, a Master of Government Science graduate from the Yogyakarta APMD School of Village Community Development (STPMD).


The Regional Secretary of Dogiyai Petrus Agapa after being sworn in said that in the near future his party will coordinate with all leaders of regional apparatus organizations to ensure that a number of government programs according to the regional visions and missions run well.

Agapa, a former Head of the Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda) Dogiyai, added that his party will hold a meeting with all OPD leaders to unite perceptions as well as synergize in carrying out government, development and community service tasks. “We are all determined to work harder and faster so that the aspirations of regional heads and the community can be realized,” continued Agapa.

The inauguration procession was attended by members of the Regional Leadership Communication Forum (Forkopimda) led by the OPD, sub-district heads, religious leaders, and community leaders. Petrus Agapa and the Head of the Plantation and Livestock Service Office of Dogiyai Emanuel Dogomo participated in the auction for high-ranking primary positions to fill in the post of Regional Secretary by the Dogiyai Regency Selection Committee. Agapa was one point ahead so that he was declared to have passed the selection and was appointed as the Regional Secretary of Dogiyai.

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