A Raja Ampat Regent Inaugurates a D’Fahrel Model PAUD, the One and Only in West Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – A Regent of Raja Ampat, Abdul Faris Umlati, SE, inaugurated the New Building Unit (UGB) of the D’Farhel Model PAUD in Waisai, Raja Ampat district, Wednesday (15/9/2021).

This UGB Model PAUD is an aid from the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia for Fiscal Year 2020.

Raja Ampat Regency is the only area in West Papua province that received grant assistance from the Ministry of Education and Culture to build this UGB Model PAUD.

The Regent Abdul Faris Umlati (AFU) said PAUD is a priority because PAUD is a place to build superior basic character and competitive human resources, therefore it must prioritize infrastructure, service management and quality of educators.

He said, D’Farhel’s UGB PAUD was an encouragement from the PKK Mobilization Team and the Raja Ampat Regency Education Office in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, so that grant assistance was provided for the construction of this UGB PAUD.

For him, D’Farhel Model PAUD is the only Model PAUD in West Papua that can have great benefits in the development of education in West Papua province, especially in Raja Ampat Regency.

“I hope that the D’Farhel Model PAUD of Raja Ampat will be a reference for other PAUDs in regencies/cities in West Papua so that they can boost existing PAUDs, especially in Raja Ampat Regency so that they are advanced and of high quality,” he added.

Meanwhile, the mother of PAUD in Raja Ampat district, Mrs. Faujiah Helga Tampubolon Umlati, said that the only Model PAUD in West Papua province is in Raja Ampat district.

“There is only one Model PAUD in West Papua, and that is in the Raja Ampat district. So in the future from Sorong or from any area in Papua or West Papua, they can conduct a comparative study at the Raja Ampat Model PAUD. Because this Model PAUD has very complete facilities,” said the wife of the Raja Ampat regent.

He said the construction of the D’Farhel Model UGB PAUD is a form of attention from the central government through grant assistance from the Ministry of Education to the Raja Ampat district.

He also explained, to get the grant, his party worked hard to fulfill all the requirements requested, and in the end all of them were fulfilled, with the support of the Raja Ampat government.

A PAUD Mother of Raja Ampat said, the privilege of this Pilot PAUD is different from other PAUD. Children come to school starting at 08.00 WIT (morning) and return at 17.00 WIT (afternoon).

“So the parents take the child to school at eight in the morning, and return home at five in the afternoon. Children are fed three times a day, children are also given rest in the room with bed facilities prepared, children are prepared for art and theater extracurriculars, we have prepared everything at the D’Farhel Raja Ampat Pilot PAUD, “, explained Faujiah Helga Tampubolon Umlati.

As stated by her, this is a benchmark for the D’Farhel Raja Ampat Model PAUD when compared to PAUDs in other areas in West Papua and even in Papua.

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