A Quick Action of an Acting Governor of West Papua to Handle Wondama Flood Victims

goodmorningpapua.com – An Acting Governor of West Papua Komjen Pol (Ret) Drs Paulus Waterpauw M.Si ordered the Regional Secretary (Sekda), Nathaniel Mandacan, and a Head of BPBD, Derek Ampnir, to immediately distribute emergency response assistance after the floods that hit Teluk Wondama Regency.

“I’ve urged the Secretary of State and the Head of BPBD to review the location and immediately distribute emergency response assistance,” said Watrepauw briefly when confirmed regarding the disaster, Tuesday morning 31 May 2022.

The Acting Governor asked the local community to remain tranquil and alert. “We hope that people will remain calm. The government will act quickly to assist in overcoming the difficulties of residents affected by floods due to weather anomalies,” he explained.

Floods in Wondama Bay occurred Sunday afternoon, May 29, 2022 and Monday, May 30, 2022, at around 01.00 am, which was preceded by heavy rain for approximately seven hours.

The heavy rain caused the Ati River in Rasiei District and Kaibi River in Wondiboi District to overflow and flood four villages.

The head of BPBD Teluk Wondama Waori, who was met at the post-flood location, explained that the overflow of the river that entered the settlements and houses of people was not only water but also mud, logs, making it difficult for officers to clean up.

As a result, the road is covered with logs, making it impossible to access. ”The river overflowed into people’s homes, not only water, but also mud and large logs landed in the middle of the highway making it difficult to clean. Including at 02.00 WIT last night, the access road to Wasior Rasiei was closed, it could not be used due to being buried by mud and large logs of approximately 1 kilometer long, “explained Waroi.

Currently, from data obtained by BPBD, there are 68 houses of residents of Isei village damaged by floods, 1 house in Kaibi village was slightly damaged and one two-wheeled vehicle belonging to Rasiei village residents was swept away while trying to cross the bridge. “Praise God, even though there was a big flood, there were no casualties,” he explained.

He further explained, the cross-sectoral disaster management team has been working from today according to the main duties and functions, namely the social service, public works department, environmental service and also the TNI/Polri in cleaning people’s houses.

Waroi explained that almost every year there are floods in Wondama. As the result, the government gets loss, road infrastructure, drainage bridges were damaged.

“We hope that the central government pays attention to Wondama district, because Wondama district is located between 6 major rivers in the city. If using the local budget, it can’t afford it, especially during maintenance to prevent disasters,” he said.

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