A Puncak Regent: Special Autonomy Funds Are Not Distributed to OPD, There Are Rules

goodmorningpapua.com – The Papua Special Autonomy Fund (Otsus) cannot be distributed according to the wishes of the regent or region. It is because the distribution of Otsus funds to regional apparatus organizations (OPD) is implemented based on technical guidelines and regulations that regulate the portion of the distribution of Otsus funds.

It was emphasized by the Regent of Puncak, Willem Wandik, SE.M.Si, when closing the plenary session of the Draft Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget (RAPBD) of Puncak Regency, FY 2022 in Timika, Friday, December 3, 2021.

The Regent’s statement was issued in relation to a request from the DPRD of Puncak that special Autonomy funds should also be given to several OPDs which were considered very little in the distribution of Otsus funds.

“So I want to explain that the distribution of Otsus funds has the rules, it is not arbitraryly distributed to the OPD, there are technical instructions and rules regarding the portion of the distribution of Otsus funds,” said the regent.

It was explained, the Special Autonomy funds were allocated for education 30 percent, for health 15 percent, for economic affairs 20 percent for basic infrastructure development, 20 percent for affirmation assistance, 5 percent for religious assistance, indigenous community institutions and women’s groups. “Remember, it is state funds, the accountability system must also be clear,” he said.

The regent said, with the technical instructions for the distribution of the special autonomy fund, his party could not distribute it randomly, since FY 2021, the budget system has referred to the SIPD application.

SIPD is in accordance with clarification, codification and nomenclature. So all regional financial development planning is done electronically, so that if the wrong program is entered, the system will reject it automatically.

“In the past, the Special Autonomy funds for scholarships were placed by the Social Service, apparently using the SIPD system, so we inevitably put scholarship funds in the regional secretariat, the system is like that, if any funds are placed, the system will reject it,” he explained.

For information, the structure of the APBD of Puncak Regency in 2022 is projected as follows, for regional revenues of more than Rp. 1.4 trillion, while regional expenditures consisting of operating expenditures, capital expenditures, unexpected expenditures and transfer expenditures are agreed at Rp. 1.6 trillion more, so that there is still a deficit, amounting to more than Rp.196 billion, for that said the regent, in terms of revenue and financing, later it will be optimized to cover the budget deficit.

“Especially for the special Autonomy funds, there is an increase, in 2021 more than Rp. 114 billion, including additional infrastructure funds from the province, while for 2022 there is an increase of more than Rp. 178 billion or an increase of 36.08 percent,” said the Regent.

Meanwhile, the General Allocation Fund (DAU) last year in 2021 was more than Rp. 1.30 billion, in 2022 it decreased to more than Rp. 995 billion, a decrease of 40 billion.

At the same time, for DAK funds (Special Allocation Funds) in 2021, the Puncak Regency Government received funds of Rp. 83 billion more, while for 2022 it will increase by Rp. 256 billion more or an increase of 67.25 percent.

“It means that if conditions are safe and conducive in Puncak Regency, then the activities of the DAK and the DAU can run well. The absorption is also very good, but if the conditions are not safe, then of course the money returns to the center, that means our money is lost again, so I appeal all parties to jointly maintain security conditions in Puncak Regency so that development can proceed well, ” he asked.

With the approval of the 2022 APBD draft by the Puncak DPRD, then the Puncak Regency government budget team will conduct consultations with the Papua Provincial and central governments which were planned this week before finally being set as the 2022 APBD.

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