A Porserosi Achievement of Jayapura Cityin the National Championship

goodmorningpapua.com – The Jayapura City Roller Skating Association (Porserosi) brought two clubs that it fosters to participate in the national level roller skating championship in Bekasi, West Java. Those two clubs are Jayapura Inline Skate (JIS) and Cenderawasih Speed ​​Skating (CSS). The activity will take place March 25-27 2022.

A Head of the Jayapura City Porserosi, Yonas Randan Bua’ appreciated the achievements of the athletes of the two clubs.

“The results achieved were to donate 2 gold, 2 bronze and 1 silver. This achievement needs to be well appreciated, as a form of developing young talent in Cenderawasih Earth,” he said, Monday, March 28, 2022.

Yonas also said that the team’s departure to Bekasi was based on the self-help of the athlete’s parents and roller-skating administrators, both city and province.

“We are still trying to take part in roller skating championships outside Papua for the sake of developing athletes and to maintain the golden tradition of XX Papua PON towards Aceh PON. We hope that the PON in Aceh and Papua roller skates will still be successful,” he said.

His party also appreciated the achievements of 2 native Papuan athletes who went to the Bekasi Open, namely Bronze medal winner Benggurion Ramandey and Kesya Mathelda Gandy.

“Young native Papuans have started to emerge, so this will become a focus in developing athletes in the future and hopefully there will be more and more indigenous Papuan children who love this sport,” he hoped.

It should be noted that there were 5 medals won at the event, namely 2 gold in the ITT 200 meter and standard 100 meters, 2 silver in the 10,000 M Elimination and ITT KUD 200 M and 1 bronze in the standard 200 meter number.

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