A  Perspective on the Entering of Gospel in Papua, a Reflections on the 167th Anniversary of the Evangelism

goodmorningpapua.com – It does not feel like the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a message of salvation for mankind will enter its 167th year on the land of Papua.

The Gospel first entered Papua through Mansinam Island, Teluk Doreh in Manokwari Regency, West Papua Province (formerly Papua), on February 5, 1855 and then through two missionaries from the Netherlands and Germany, namely Carl Wilhelm Ottow and Johann Gottlob Geissler.

We all should thank to God, whoever lives on this land, as it is through this Gospel,  that civilization in Papua begins to open from the darkness that has covered centuries to become a bright shining light for all creatures.

It was by the power of the truth of the Bible that it finally changed the civilization of the land of Papua to a new one in Jesus Christ, even though the darkness continued to play its role to make mankinds blind and chain them with various slavery, interests and passions, but as the testimony of the apostle Paul that the Gospel is the power of God who save everyone who believes, first the Jews, but also the Greeks Including All People Who Live on the Land of Papua.

Anyone finally realizes that this land continues to be blessed by the power of the Gospel, almost all of our leaders who sit in the executive government from governors, regents to sub-district and village officials, as well as various OPD / SKPD are endowed in abundance for the children of the country.

Likewise, in institutions such as the Legislature at the district and provincial levels as well as other respectable institutions such as the MRP including synods of various church denominations, almost all of them are given priority to children of the country taking part in showing their identity as a clean, loyal and honest follower of Christ from various worldly desires and interests to serve properly and honestly in this land of eden.

There are those who can do it faithfully and truly become witnesses of Christ through the positions and jobs they carry, but there are also those who end up being dragged down by the various temptations of this worldly life which is very enchanting because of the various seduction which is extremely tantalizing by the powers of darkness who continue to try to tempt them, so that if possible, many ultimately go down.

However, this gospel must continue to be conveyed to all creatures living and working in the land of Papua. For 167 years, it is undeniable that many have finally truly believed in Jesus, living in truth and holiness, bearing witness to the true Christ in the midst of goats and wild wolves.

My friends, it doesn’t feel like February 5, 2022, we have passed yesterday, meaning that we are repeating what Jesus Christ has said, namely: “Go!, and make all nations be my disciples.”

This command finally had made the two missionaries, namely Ottow and Geissler, arrive in tana PAPUA through Mansinam for 167 years ago, meaning that the mission is very clear, that we are called from various professions, positions and positions to be witnesses of Christ in the midst of this world through our own attitude and behavior so that the world where we stand can see “there is Christ who lives in the life of work, office and profession, as stated by the testimony of the apostle Paul.

But I live, but It is not only me who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the my life I now live in the flesh, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me (Galatians 2:20)

Author: Frans Sigala (The author is a servant of God who is also a doctor at Yowari Hospital, Jayapura)

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