A Persipura Strategy to Find a Sparring-Partner Team Outside Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – After holding two trial matches in Jayapura City against local teams namely Elang Brimob and PS Cigombong Putra, a head coach of the Persipura Jayapura team, Ricky Nelson, feels that he has had enough and wants his team to find a sparring-partner team outside Papua as soon as possible.

“I hope I can go to Jakarta, because I think it’s enough for us with the local team to try twice,” said Ricky Nelson after Persipura against the Cigombong Putra team, Friday, July 22, 2022 at the Mandala Stadium, Jayapura.

Hopefully we will communicate with management so that we can find a more balanced opponent with us”, he added.

According to Ricky Nelson, by looking for a sparring-partner team so that Ian Louis Kabes and his friends (dkk) know that their preparations so far and will compete in the League 2 competition later are not playing games.

“So children should also know that this is not a joke”, explained Ricky Nelson.

The former staff of the PSSI technical director under the direction of coach Danurwindo still has two homework (PR) that he must complete before his students compete in the Indonesian Cup and Liga 2 2022-2023.

The homework that must be completed by Ricky Nelson is the Physical and Finishing Touch of the Red and Black troops.

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