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A Peace Message for Christmas 2021 in Papua: Strengthening Brotherhood

goodmorningpapua.com – The 2021 Christmas celebration, which is still in the atmosphere of the Covid-19 pandemic, is welcomed in various ways. Not a few Christians are welcoming Christmas 2021 by sharing with their fellow countrymen who are in difficulties. That’s what the West Papua Regional Administrators [DPW] for Ganjar Friends [Sahabat Ganjar] did.

The West Papua DPW for Ganjar Friends conveyed a peaceful and positive message for this Christmas by sharing gifts to strengthen brotherhood. One of the objects that Ganjar Friends aimed to share gifts with was the students in Manokwari.

“This is the best moment for us to strengthen our brotherhood with our native Papuan students who will celebrate Christmas,” said the Chair of the DPW for Ganjar Friends West Papua, Ponsianus Silubun through his official statement, Friday (12/24/2021).

 In this activity, the West Papua DPW of Ganjar Friends distributed food packages to native Papuan students. Meanwhile, a number of dormitories visited by DPW of Ganjar Friends West Papua included the Fak-Fak Regency Student Dormitory located on Jalan Anggori Amban Manokwari. Then, the Kaimana Regency Women’s Student Dormitory; Kaimana Regency Boys’ Student Dormitory in Manokwari, located at Jamam Amban Permai (Amper) Manokwari; and Teluk Wondama Dormitory in Manokwari, which is located at Jalan Fanindi Dalam Manokwari. A total of four student dormitories visited by DPW Ganjar Friends.

“There are four student dormitories that we have visited and provided basic necessities directly to students. This is a form of caring love from Ganjar Friends West Papua for students in welcoming Christmas,” said Ponsianus Silubun.

The social activities in welcoming Christmas 2021 were also carried out in Sorong Regency, Sorong City and Raja Ampat. In the place, Ganjar Friends of Papua visited and distributed gifts for the elderly in Bukit Sion Klasari, Sorong, West Papua. In addition to Bukit Sion, the action of sharing gifts this time was also carried out in Suprau Village, Maladum Mes District and Giwu Village, Klaurung District, Sorong City, West Papua Province.

 Meanwhile, the Christmas gifts were handed over to 11 people consisting of four widows, three orphans, two widowers, and two poor farmers. “We celebrate Christmas this time with love, we share happiness with all people. May God bless our activities,” said Tobias Rahanau as Chair of the Branch Administrators [DPC] Ganjar Friends of Sorong.

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