A Peace Ambassador of Papua Must Be Able to Create Peace

goodmorningpapua.com – The Papua Province Virtual World Peace Ambassador was inaugurated by the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) in Sentani, Jayapura Regency. The establishment of the Papua Province Virtual World Peace Ambassador was attended by 50 Papuan youths consisting of bloggers, visual communication design (DKV), and information technology (IT). For four days they were trained by creating content in the form of writings, memes, infographics, and videos about peace, diversity, tolerance, and local wisdom.

“Today, we are both witnessing the creation of the Papua Province virtual peace ambassador. Of course, the Papua Province virtual world peace ambassador is the young generation who inspires that we all love peace because peace is very noble and beautiful as an Indonesian character,” said a Head of BNPT Komjen Pol Boy Rafli Amar, Friday (7/10/2022).

The Papua Province Virtual World Peace Ambassadors are expected to be able to spread content and narratives of peace, unity, tolerance, and diversity. Of course, hard work is needed to carry out support from elements of the Papua Province Forkopimpinda and the Papuan Terrorism Prevention Coordination Forum (FKPT). “We hope that the Papuan virtual peace ambassador will be the forerunner of the continuation of how young Papuan people are creative in producing creative content that can inspire all, provide education, enlighten us all on how important peace is,” said Boy Rafli.

The existence of the Papua Province Virtual World Peace Ambassador, he continued, is one of the tasks of BNPT based on the mandate of Law Number 5 of 2018 concerning the Eradication of Criminal Acts of Terrorism.

“If you refer to Law Number 5 of 2018, the task of BNPT is not to arrest terrorists. BNPT prevents Indonesian people from becoming terrorists, prevents people from becoming victims of terrorism crimes. Of course, this must be done together with all components of the nation and elements of society,” he said.

The former Papuan Police Chief added that his party was empowering development with the strength of government and community elements. The grand strategy of Pentahelix or multi-stakeholder is the government, academia, society, media, business in the context of welfare development. Because if the people are prosperous, the chances of them becoming terrorists will be small. Boy Rafli also revealed that terrorism has developed into an ideology of terrorism. Their ideas and ideas are based on extremism and certain beliefs that have political goals. In Indonesia, the character of the ideology of terrorism does not agree with the state constitution, does not agree with the state ideology of Pancasila, is transnational in nature, namely ideology from outside that is brought to the Indonesian nation.

They are intolerant, exclusive, cannot accept others, and want to live as he thinks. The ideology of terrorism also sometimes uses religious narratives, extreme violence, which can result in casualties. The next is to justify all means, anti-humanity. “What is certain is that their character does not match the personality of the peace-loving Indonesian nation,” said Boy Rafli.

In preventing terrorism, Boy Rafli explained, BNPT has carried out counter radicalization, namely counter propaganda, counter ideology, and counter narrative. These steps were taken as an effort to save Indonesia’s young generation from being affected of violence-based virus, namely the ideology of terrorism.As stated by him,  for radical terrorism groups, extremism is commonplace, killing is commonplace, suicide bombings are considered part of the struggle, and anti-humanity. Obviously it is far from the ideals of the nation and the identity of the Indonesian nation. “This is where the role of the cyber peace ambassador is to invite the younger generation by producing creative and peaceful content and making it viral in the digital world.

The hope is that it can influence thoughts, so that the younger generation is actively involved in realizing world peace,” he explained. In addition, the Cyber ​​World Peace Ambassador must move to build a spirit of tolerance in the midst of diversity, must move to eradicate anti-human violence because it is the enemy of everything in creating peace.

“We want to build the character of the younger generation where the government has declared Indonesia Gold in 20145. With youth and youth cadres who love peace and are ready to create peace in Papua, in Indonesia and the world,” said Boy Rafli.

On that occasion, the Head of BNPT entrusted the presence of the Papua Province Maya World Peace Ambassador to the Papua Provincial Government (Pemprov) and Papua Forkompinda. For him, this virtual world peace ambassador is part of our digital literacy for Indonesia’s young generation. Meanwhile, the Head of the National Unity and Political Agency of Papua Province, Musa Isir, is ready to support the presence of the Papua Province Maya World Peace Ambassador. In his view, since its formation, FKPT Papua, it has fully supported various preventions of radicalism and terrorism in Papua.

 “We will continue the collaboration between the Papua Provincial Government, FKPT, and the Maya World Peace Ambassador to create peace and strengthen unity, not only in the city of Jayapura or districts, but also throughout Papua, and Indonesia,” said Musa, who is also the Chair of the Papua FKPT.

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