A Parking Servant Story in Jayapura, His Son is the First Person Receiving Adhi Makayasa AAL

A Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Yudo Margono awarded a title of Adi Makayasa to Sermatutar (P) Always Giving Hamonangan, the best graduate of Naval Academy (AAl) 2021.

The 66th naval graduate is the first Papuan child receiving the honor. No one thought that Always is from a homely family in Jayapura City, Papua Province. His father, Alex Tiris, services as a parker attendant at Jl. Ahmad Yani, Jayapura City. Meanwhile, his mother sells beverages in one of elementary schools.

Before being a parking attendant, Alex Tiris once migrated to Jakarta around 1990’s. He carried out various professions, from as a boxing athlete to a security guard.

When he serviced a security guard, Alex Tiris also spent his time for doing some activities at a Church. At the Church, he met his wife, Dirmawaty Panjaitan. They got married in 1995. From this marriage, Alex and Dirmawaty have five children.

On 1998, Alex and Dirmawaty who had just had two children decided to go back to Jayapura since a turmoil exploding in Jakarta. Arriving in Jayapura with the insufficient financial condition, Alex forced to take his wife and two children to live in his parent’s house at the Polimak area. Alex also worked odd jobs to meet his family needs. On 2005, Alex had met with his a friend, Yance Awon, inviting to be a parking attendant. He has carried out this job for 17 years.

When hearing that his third son, Always Giving Hamonangan, received a honor of Adhi Makayasa, Alex in his confession got surprised. He never thought that his third son would get the best graduate award. For him, when Always graduated to be a cadet of AAL in 2017, it had been a gift that he never dreamed.

“I’m speechless when my son achieved Adhi Makayasa, I just be able to cry as a grateful and pray to God”, he said.

The income of approximately 300.000 as a parking attendant is always set aside part of it for Church and the Jayapura City Government levy. He provides the rest to his wife.

As a parent, Alex just want his children study in the best schools. He is grateful that his wish comes true.  His five children studies at SMAn 5, one of the leading school at the city.

With the achievements made by Always Giving Hamonangan Tiris, Alex from Sarmi Regency hopes that this can be an model for other Papuan children. “This is the state’s concern for Papua, it’s just a matter of how we prepare Papuan children to respond for the state’s attention,” said Alex.

Meanwhile, the mother, Dirmawaty Panjaitan, admitted that she was very touched by the achievements of her third son who was born on March 15, 1999. Dirmawaty was seen several times wiping her tears while telling stories. Happiness covered the face of the mother with five children. The mother admitted that she and her husband tried to give the best for their children. Since 2007, he has helped the family’s economy by selling.

Always is a disciplined child and excels in school. “Always since elementary school has had the excellent achievements, in the senior high school, he is ranked sixth in general (in Papua) and became Papua’s envoy for the PJTA in 2015,” he said.

What Always has achieved not only makes his family proud, but can also be a motivation for other Papuan youths.

Meanwhile, the Commander of Lantamal X, Laksma TNI Yeheskiel Katiandagho, said he was proud of the Always Giving Hamonangan Tiris’ achievment who registered for AAL through Lantamal X.

“This is proof that the development of the Navy through Lantamal X really exists for the community. Papuan children have a very broad opportunity (to enter the Navy), there is no discrimination and they are actually able to show it to the world,” said Yeheskiel.

Adi Makayasa Award, is the highest award at the level of military education. Yeheskiel also gave the highest appreciation to Always’s parents who were considered successful in educating their son to the current highest level of education.

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