A Paragliding Venue for PON Papua, Tourism Destinations till World Championships

goodmorningpapua.com – A paragliding venue for the XX Papua National Sports Week, which is located in Bukit Gracia, Buton Village, Skyland, Jayapura City, has an uncommon charm.

The venue used as a location for takeoff has an altitude of 343 meters above sea level. While the landing site is located in the crocodile pond area which has a height of 24 meters above sea level.

Of course, the paragliding venue offers a beautiful landscape of Jayapura City for cross-country athletes. It is added by the sky of Jayapura City is very beautiful when the weather is cloudy.

KabarPapua.co journalists share a tandem experience or adventure tourism attraction with an athlete from DKI Jakarta to enjoy the natural charm of the sky of Jayapura City. Fear shrouded in anxiety continued to flow, the rhythm of the heartbeat was getting faster. It’s the first time in a tandem.

It’s clear, the anxiety began to be eliminated and replaced by admiration when looking at the city of Jayapura from a height. The lush trees combined with the expanse of the sea have really spoiled the eyes. Not to mention the gust of wind adding to the sensation of flying in the sky, feels free and loose.

A sense of awe was also expressed from the lips of PON XX Papua athlete from DKI Jakarta, Indra Lesmana when trying out the paragliding venue which turned out to be in the middle of the city. Of course PON Papua will be an unforgettable experience.

“This is my first experience flying over a city with a very beautiful view and also the flight is very good and very safe when flying. This is different from other regional venues,” said Indra, who was a journalist tandem pilot.

Indra hopes that he can return to Papua, especially Jayapura City to take part in the 2022 world championship. “I hope this place can be used for next year’s world championships, but the paragliding venue must be improved first, especially the access road to take off,” said Indra.

According to the Head of Paragliding Indonesia Wahyu Yudha, Bukit Gracia has the right height for the landing accuracy match and the cross country competition.

“This paragliding venue in Papua is very unique, different from venues outside Papua. Papua is located in the middle of the city, so when you fly your eyes are spoiled by the beauty of Jayapura City which has the Red Bridge (Youtefa), then you can see Humboldt Bay, Hamadi Beach and mountains,” said Wahyu, Wednesday, October 13, 2021.

Paragliding Indonesia has planned to make Jayapura City in the world paragliding championship number accuracy in 2022. It is hoped that this world championship will invite foreign tourists or pilots from outside to come to Papua.

“We want to encourage the Papuan government to build access roads to take off places which are currently only covered with sand, because the potential for paragliding venues in Papua is very large,” said Wahyu.

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