A Papuan Wally Tribe Chief Satirizes Lukas Enembe: If I’m Not Wrong Why Are You Afraid of the KPK?

goodmorningpapua.com – A community leader from the Wally Papuan tribe, Rulche Wally, satirized the request of Lukas Enembe’s family and sympathizers who asked the KPK to examine the Papuan governor in the open field. Rulche said that Lukas Enembe should not be afraid of being questioned by the KPK.

“If it’s black, say black, don’t distort the facts. If you’re innocent, why should you be afraid of the KPK?” said Rulche to detikcom, Sunday (9/10/2022).

Rulche emphasized that corruption cases cannot be resolved by customary methods but must use state law. Moreover, the government has prepared a place according to standards and is safe.

“If there are parties who want to carry out inspections in the open and seen by the public, it is considered inhumane,” he explained.

According to Rulche, Lukas Enembe must be prosecuted, moreover if found guilty he must be punished. He asked Lukas Enembe to cooperate and not hide behind the ‘living fence’ of the Papuan people.

“Don’t sacrifice the Papuan people for their personal interests. The people who protect Lukas Enembe must also be willing to open up and allow the government to carry out the legal process,” he said.

According to Lukas Enembe, he must provide information transparently to the KPK so that the case is immediately resolved. His party also emphasized that they rejected the issue of the appointment of Lukas Enembe as the head of a large Papuan tribe. He said the entire community would definitely not accept the decision.

“In Papua, all regencies have their respective major tribe chiefs and the Papuan people must discuss it with the Papuan people,” he said.

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