A Papuan Cricket, Achievements, and the First International Stadium in Indonesia

goodmorningpapua.com – The neighboring country on the island of New Guinea, Papua New Guinea (PNG), is one of the Melanesian countries included in the world level of cricket. PNG as a former British colony, so cricket is very popular in Commonwealth countries including Australia, New Zealand, PNG, Vanuatu, and the Solomon Islands.

“I have confidence that Papuan children also have the ability to match the achievements of children from PNG,” said the Head of the Indonesian Cricket Association (PCI) Papua, Moch El Bahar Conoras, Saturday (11/9/2021) afternoon.

He added that the sport of cricket is not yet well known and less popular throughout the Land of Papua.

“I myself also did not know what cricket was for the first time. But because of the mandate, we must be responsible for this sport originating from England,” he said.

Without going through the will of God, Conoras promised to give the best for the cricket team in the National Sports Week (PON) XX 2021 in Papua Province.

“We will give the best for the cricket team in Papua, especially since we already have an international level stadium,” he said, adding that the cricket stadium was already good, only after PON will replace stadium grass with Bermuda grass or in Latin Cynodon dactylon L.

According to Conoras, the Papuan cricket team has been practicing for almost a year in Bali, and even anyone  participating in the Indonesian Cricket League Bali 2020.

“A cricket club called Cenderawasih Cricket Club in the final match managed to beat the Bali Lost Boy Club, which was strengthened by a combination of expatriates and local players,” he said.

The same thing was said by former Indonesian cricket national team player, Soni Hawoe, who initially introduced cricket to Papuan students and pupils who were studying in Bali.

“Furthermore, the formation of a Papuan children’s team and also players from Bali who are also former SEA Games players,” said the son from NTT.

He feels confident that cricket will grow and develop from Eastern Indonesia.

“I believe Papuan children can play better, like the children from PNG have proven,” said the man who brought the Indonesian cricket team against Vanuatu at Port Villa in 2015.

Sonie Hawoe tells about the journey of Indonesian cricket since 1996 in Kupang City, NTT. At that time, an Australian citizen, Rosie When, an English lecturer at the University of Nusa Cendena, introduced cricket to Sonie Hawoe and friends.

“I was interested in cricket because it is similar to baseball and wanted to try a new game. The motivation is only for sports, fun, and making new friends,” said Hawoe, who is now in charge of the 2021 PON XX Cricket Competition.

He hopes that the sport of cricket will be bigger and more successful and achieve the international achievements.

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