A Papuan Archaeology Site to Be Virtually Demonstrated at Bali

An archaeological site at present can be enjoyed virtually.  For example, the megalithic site Tutari Papua being exhibited at the Bali Arts Fest.

The megalithic site Tutari is on Bukit Tutari, at the banks of Lake Sentani, Doyo Lama Village, Waibu District, Jayapura Regency of Papua.

On the Bukit Tutari’s surface, there is an 83-pieces of stone chunks with details of 80 sponge stones only have one side of painting, a stone sponge has two sides of painting, and two sponge stones have two painting areas.

The number of paintings there are 138 pieces, 135 pieces can still be classified in the form of painting, while the rest is very exhausted and unclear. These paintings are human forms of 17 pieces, 17-pieces of monitor lizards, 14 turtles, one snake and one bird, geometric as many as 15 pieces, flora as many as 3 pieces and three stone axes.

The megalithic motif of Tutari must be preserved, one of the ways, by turning it back on today’s art including in contemporary art. This is part of the contribution of archaeological research in the scope of SDGs or Sustainable Development Goals also called the goals of sustainable development.

One of the Megalithic Motif Preservation of Tutari is in the form of virtual art. The megalithic site of Tutari is packed with the concept of environmental choreography. The virtual art themed Megalithic Site Tutari is a collaboration between the Tifa Community of Wolker Waena Jayapura camp with Isbi Tanah Papua and Papuan Archaeological Centre.

In this environmental choreography, students of ISBI are moving in the environment around the Megalithic site of Tutari to work, dance, painting and so on. Students can respond to the object.

Virtual art themed a Tutari Megalithic Site is featured in the Bali Arts Fest which took place June 12-10 July 2021, located at Balinese Cultural Park and Fill in Denpasar. This virtual art is titled I Papua: from Bali for Indonesia.

In addition to the film screening through the YouTube Channel of the Bali Provincial Provincial Culture Office, it was also held a discussion of face-to-face entitled ‘Tutari Megalithic Sites’ with Narasumber Prof. Hansel I Wayan Rai S as a Professor of the contents of Denpasar who had previously served as a Rector of ISBI of Papua Tanah, Prof. Hansel I Gede Arya Sugiartha as Head of the Bali Provincial Culture Office and Drs. Gusti Made Sudarmika, Head of the Papua Archaeological Centre.

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