A Papua Zone, Toli FC Wins Champion

goodmorningpapua.com – The women’s Persitoli Tolikara Football Team (Toli FC) ascertain the national ticket for the Pertiwi Cup competition. They got that certainty after becoming the champion of the Papua zone. Srikandi Waleman, The Blues, successfully beat Persemi Mimika Putri with an aggregate of 18-0.

In the first leg, the women’s Toli FC crushed Persemi Mimika Putri with a score of 9-0. Then in the second leg which was held at the Mandala Jayapura Stadium, Thursday (27/1) yesterday, Toli FC won again with a big score of 9-0.

Toli FC, which was reinforced by 12 former Papuan PON football players, made them perform more solid than Persemi Mimika. As a result, throughout the match (first and second legs) Toli FC was able to control the game.

In fact, Toli FC’s children freely confined Persemi Mimika’s defense. Persemi’s goalkeeper, Alwince Pigome had to struggle to keep his goal from the onslaught of the Toki FC forwards.

The achievements of the women’s Toli FC match those of the men’s Toli FC who also became successful winners of the Asprov Papua Zone 3 League and also represented Papua to the national round with Persigubin Gunung Bintang.

The head coach of Toli FC, Thomas Madjar, admitted that he was proud of the appearance of his team that was able to come out as champions. But he reminded his players not to be arrogant, considering that they still have a long way to go. He admitted that the national round would be even more competitive.

“The national round is more difficult and challenging, because there are many teams with many players already in the national team and it’s definitely more exciting. That will make us better prepared in the national series which will be even more difficult,” said Thomas after the match.

He also hopes that two retainers of the Indonesian Women’s National Team, Remini Rumbewas and Marsela Awi, can join them when the national series is rolled out.

Meanwhile, the General Chairman of Toli FC, Usman G. Wanimbo also admitted that he was proud of the performance of his players who performed brilliantly. He emphasized that the Tolikara Regency government and the management of Toli FC fully support the efforts of the Blues Waleman in the national stage.

“Thank you for this afternoon the children won. As a manager, I feel proud, grateful that the children can give very satisfying results. So for Jakarta, the local government and clubs as well as management are ready to push them to play at the national level.

PSSI Papua Asprov Deputy Chair, Rocky Bebena admitted that the Pertiwi Cup Competition is PSSI’s annual agenda. Then, regarding the national quota, Rocky said that he had not yet received an official letter from the federation. However, it has been confirmed that Toli FC has qualified to represent Papua.

“At the Asprov level, we have finished and won Persitoli, and the runner-up is Persemi Mimika. We haven’t got the quota for qualifying, but Asprov is participating in the play-offs, which doesn’t hold the competition. While Papua is holding a competition, even if there are only two teams, hopefully the federation can fulfill these two teams to pass on the national round,” concluded Rocky.

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