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A Papua Provincial Government Encourages 6 Pillars for Regional Health Sector Transformation

goodmorningpapua.com – The Provincial Government of Papua encourages 6 pillars of transformation for the health sector in districts/cities. The goal is to provide maximum service to the community.

“Fundamental reforms of health system in the Indonesia and in Papua include 6 pillars of transformation, this must be done,” said An Assistant for Economic Affairs and Welfare of the Papua Regional Secretariat Muhammad Musa’ad at a coordination meeting of the Papua Provincial Health Office, Monday 29 November 2021.

The 6 pillars of the transformation include: The first is the transformation of primary services by strengthening prevention efforts, early detection, health promotion, building infrastructure, equipping infrastructure and human resources, and strengthening primary service management.

The second, continued Musa’ad, is the transformation of referral services by increasing access and quality of hospitals through accreditation programs, hospital support systems and education and training.

The third is the transformation of the health security system by boosting the independence of domestic pharmaceuticals and medical devices as well as increasing surveillance networks, preparing reserve health workers in responding to the threat of a health crisis.

Then the fourth is the transformation of health financing by rearranging the financing and benefits of JKN, as well as increasing the proportion of financing for promotive and preventive services through the addition of basic screening services for the community.

“(We) need to improve KPS (Healthy Papuan Card) services for indigenous Papuans, so that people can access the highest possible health services. Through Otsus we can encourage the acceleration of health in Papua,” said Musa’ad.

The fifth, continued Musa’ad, is the transformation of health human resources by increasing the quantity, distribution and quality of health workers through scholarships and professional exchanges, so that they can provide services in remote areas and border areas.

The last is the transformation of health technology including information technology and biotechnology. “I hope these 6 pillars can become our common compass, a guide for us, wherever we are and whatever our role in this journey we can move to the same goal, namely Healthy Papua and Healthy Indonesia,” said Musa’ad.

A Head of the Papua Provincial Health Office, Roby Kayame, emphasized that the coordination meeting was important to unite perceptions, understandings and strengths to jointly provide the best service for the community.

“Our goal is to create a systematic force to achieve this theme, so that the results of this activity, service to the community, we want to discuss how to achieve common goals,” he said.

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