A Number of Persipura Legends to Visit Timika Dollar City, what’s going on?

goodmorningpapua.com – A number of legends of black pearl in the era of 70, 80 to 2000 who are members of the Old Star Persipura Jayapura to visit the dollar city of Timika.

The arrival of football legends to attend the official invitation to the inauguration of the football stadium belonging to Old Star Freeport in the Kuala Kencana area, Mimika, Papua.

Those Persipura legends are Yohanes Songgonau, Abel Ayomi, Mecki Tata, Agus Sayuri Marten Kaiba, Othis Sibi, Yafet Sibi, Mettu Duaramuri, Rully Nere, Daniel Maury, Otto Ayomi, Ferry Youwe, Tonny Werbabkay and Yaan Runtini.

“We to attend an invitation from Old Star Freeport and to leave for Timika in April, therefore we to start preparations by regrouping and doing light exercises,” said Yohanes Songgonau at the Berg En Dal Argapura Soccer Field, Saturday 19 February 2022.

Yohanes also plans to give a surprise with other Persipura legends. “So far we have been secretly so that people don’t know that we exist, but through this opportunity we want people to know that we exist and are always united as before,” he said.

The former Persipura retainer in the 80s, who once played with Mecky Tata, Daniel Maury and Abel Ayomi, also revealed that former football players from the fruit city Perseman Manokwari also enlivened the inauguration of the stadium.

“Besides us, the former Persipura, they (Freeport) to also invite former Perseman Manokwari players in our era to attend as well. Later there we to have a triangular match with Old Star Freeport,” he said.

In addition to the inauguration of the stadium, said Yohanes, the plan is to have a coaching clinic by Persipura Jayapura players including Ferry Pahabol, Nelson Alom, Alfons Migau.

“There are also two Papuan players who are planned to be invited, namely Ricky Kambuaya from Persebaya Surabaya and Boas Salossa from Borneo Fc,” he said.

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