A Number of Papuan Young Leaders Support Fuel Price Adjustment

goodmorningpapua.com – A young Papuan leader, Charles Kossai, supports the government’s efforts to increase the price of Pertalite and Diesel fuel. He considered this step appropriate because currently world oil prices are rising and the fuel subsidy that has been disbursed is classified as not being well targeted.

“I think the government’s policy to increase fuel prices is appropriate because of today’s situation,” he said in a written statement, (31/8/2022).

This was stated by him while attending the discussion on Adjusting Fuel Prices and Well-Targeted Subsidies held by Young Papuan Exponents at Café KOPIKOK and Hybrid in Jakarta, Tuesday (30/8).

“During January-July, the ICP price was USD 105 per barrel. This is beyond the assumption of our state budget which sets a price of USD 100 per barrel. It is what causes the subsidy funds to swell, so that inevitably, adjustments must be made immediately,” he explained.

He said that if the government did not immediately make a decision, it could have a negative impact on the state budget and national economic conditions. Not only that, he also appreciated the government’s quick response in preparing anticipatory steps in the form of social support in the form of providing direct cash assistance (BLT), salary subsidies, and local government subsidies.

“Well, it’s just a matter of how this social assistance scheme needs to be guarded so that it is right on target. For that, I invite all Indonesian people, especially the Papuan people to jointly oversee this subsidy transfer policy on target,” he explained.

Meanwhile, a Chairman of the Young Exponent of Papua, Fatur Rahman, admitted that he was ready to guard the government’s policy in adjusting the fuel subsidy. Because the policy is considered to be able to save the condition of the national economy.

“What we fear is not the fuel price adjustment, but when the government still does not take steps in the midst of heavy pressure from the state budget due to world oil prices that are perched above the state budget assumption. Moreover, commodity subsidies (Pertalite and Solar) have also been enjoyed by the middle and upper classes. For this reason, the direct subsidy scheme (to people) is the right step to adjust this energy subsidy,” he concluded.

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