A Melanesian Youth Diplomacy Forum Launched in Jayapura City

goodmorningpapua.com – A Papuan youth leader, Steve Rick Elson Mara, officially launched the Melanesian Youth Diplomacy Forum (MYDIF) in Jayapura City, Papua Province. The inauguration took place at a hotel in Jayapura City on Thursday (8/9/2022).

Steve acted to read the MYDIF declaration and was witnessed by 109 participants with Tifa hitting 3 times, signifying that the international forum was officially established.

The forum, which was initiated by a group of young people, carries the slogan “Stregthen the Solidarity from Indonesia to the World” or means strengthening solidarity from Indonesia to the world.

The international forum for young people was founded by Steve Mara.

The goal is to build cooperative relations between young Melanesian races in Indonesia and other countries in the Pacific Islands region.

Steve Mara explained, the birth of this forum will bring young people connected with the outside world. Then, it did a lot of things for the capacity building of young people in the Pacific region.

“We young people must have the right platform to build the future, I am sure with MYDIF, we young people in the Pacific region will be well connected, and we do this to build our capacity,” said Steve

Meanwhile, Vanuatu’s female figure, Lilly Rosse, also had happy with the emerging of this forum because it is believed that it will connect young people.

Lilly’s statement was reinforced by the opinion of the Young Leader, Fiji Avenai Serutabua. He said that currently young Melanesians need a forum to build discussions being able to develop capacity.

The activity, taking place with great wisdom, was accompanied by the beautiful sound of the Sidola Acoustic VG, and the presenter was led by Desi Daimboa and the moderator by Piche Ginuny.

For your information, also present at the launching of this international forum, Director of Diplomatic Security of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Agung Cahaya Sumirat. Then, the female character from Vanuatu, Lilly Rosse Welwel, the Young Fiji figure, Avenai Serutabua.

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