A Martial Art Centre of PSHT Yapen Waropen Distributes Takjil to Motorists

goodmorningpapua.com – Martial Art Centre of Setia Hati Terate Brotherhood (PSHT) from branch of the Yapen Waropen distributed free Takjil to motorists and the public at Serui Town Square, Yapen Islands, Saturday, April 16, 2022.

A trainer of the Setia Hati Terate Brotherhood of Yapen Waropen, Ipung said that this Takjil sharing was a routine agenda that was held every month of Ramadan.

“Although it is not routine every day, every year we do other religious social activities,” said Ipung, who also acted as the coordinator of the takjil sharing action.

In PSHT center, Ipung explained, Brotherhood does not differentiate ethnicity, race and religion. He also hopes that this action can strengthen the ties of brotherhood among members and share sustenance with fellow members of the community.

“According to the principle of Brotherhood, fellow human beings must love one another as one loves oneself and the noble goal of the organization is to educate virtuous humans to know right and wrong as well as to have faith and fear of God Almighty,” said Ipung.

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