A Learning House of OPA, Building Education and Character for West Papuan Children

goodmorningpapua.com – The enthusiasm for learning is steadily emanating from the children in West Papua, even in the midst of various limitations. The chairman of the Papuan Learning House (OPA) Board, Yulianti Kondjol explained, as many as 50 children have joined this learning house.

Yulianti explained that this learning house aims to provide a better education for children in West Papua from an early age. The teaching materials include reading and writing, coloring, counting, English, and storytelling.

“We visit parents in the market, we tell them when they study and get a better education for their future,” said Yulianti in a Newsline broadcast on Metro TV on Tuesday, September 21, 2021.

The functionaries of the learning house believe that the supporting education can build the character of the children of West Papua. So far, as many as 12 people are said to have contributed as teachers in the OPA learning house.

“The children come from the neighborhood around the market and from the coast. So there is character recognition and building a sense of nationalism,” explained the Deputy Chairperson of the OPA The Learning House Management, Nurmila Ergor in the same broadcast.

Nurmila believes that these various efforts to achieve educational equality can benefit children in West Papua. Moreover, the enthusiasm of children in Cenderawasih Earth is increasing day by day.

“After they went home with their boat, because of their high curiosity, they studied with us,” explained Nurmila.

Until now, the help from the volunteers has not stopped flowing. However, building infrastructure that is not worth mentioning is the main hurdle. The functionaries  are also submitting proposals for funding.

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