A Joint SAR Team Evacuates Flood and Landslide Victims in Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – The joint SAR team of the TNI-Polri and Basarnas were deployed to flood and landslide areas in Jayapura City, Papua, to evacuate disaster-affected communities. Floods and landslides occurred after Jayapura City was rained with high intensity from Wednesday (5/1/2022) afternoon to Thursday (6/1/2022) morning.

In a written statement from the Public Relations Division of the Police in Jakarta, Saturday, it was stated that the Papuan Police Chief, Inspector General of Police Mathius D. Fakhiri inspected landslide victims at Aspol Bhayangkara Dok 5 Atas. From there, the police chief checked the victim died at Bhayangkara Hospital.

After that, the police chief checked locations affected by landslides in Skyland and flood victims at Youtefa Market. The floods and landslides killed seven residents and injured three others.

On the same occasion, Dir Polairud Polda Papua Kombes Pol Kasmolan together with Deputy Mayor of Jayapura Rustam Saru also visited locations affected by the flood at Youtefa Market. The Head of Public Relations of the Papuan Police, Kombes Pol. Ahmad Musthofa Kamal, appealed to the people of Jayapura City to be alert and careful during the rainy season.

“Especially those living in areas near the coast and mountains because they are vulnarable to flooding and landslides,” said Kamal.

According to Kamal, the flood has submerged facilities such as the governor’s office, city limits, Youtefa Market, Entrop, Hamadi, Organda, and in front of Saga Mall Abepura. Meanwhile, for points affected by landslides, namely Aspol Bhayangkara Dok 5 Atas, Kelurahan Trikora Dok 5 Atas, and Skyland, as well as the Kodam route and city boundaries which resulted in the road being cut off so that vehicle drivers could not pass.

“The victims who died for the flood and landslide disaster were seven people and three injured were taken to Bhayangkara Hospital. The two victims who died were immediately flown to Surabaya to be buried in their hometown,” said Mustofa.

The Jayapura City Government, Papua, Friday afternoon, has declared an emergency response status related to natural disasters occurred in four of the five districts in the area. The emergency response status lasts for a week.

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