A Jayapura Mayor: Social Life is Running Well

goodmorningpapua.com – A Jayapura Mayor, Benhur Tomi Mano, asked the local community not to panic about the rumors circulating about the demonstration to be held on March 8, 2022.

Benhur explained that Indonesia is a state of law, all things or activities must have a legal basis, including demonstration activities and others must go through procedures, such as permits from the police and others.

“If there is no permission from the police, it will definitely be disbanded because it is not in accordance with applicable procedures. For groups who want to hold demonstrations or whatever, please follow the procedures according to applicable law. Never take any steps that have the potential to disrupt public order,” he explained.

Benhur explained that the social life in Jayapura City are going well. Mamas are busy selling to earn money, children and students are studying and seeking knowledge for their future.

“Do not interfere with the wheel of life. This is only for the benefit of certain groups. Don’t disturb the life that is running well. People should not be provoked. People remain calm and maintain peace in this city,” he said.

The Jayapura City Government will coordinate with the Polresta and also the TNI to maintain a safe and conducive situation.

 “For my brothers who wants to protest, please follow the applicable licensing procedures. If not, the authorities will immediately intervene for the sake of security and public order in Jayapura City. Peace be upon us all. Make Jayapura City a common honai,” he said.

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