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A Jayapura Genyem Leader Reveals Reasons Papua Needs an Acting Governor

goodmorningpapua.com – Many parties have complained about public services in Papua Province, because Governor Lukas Enembe is getting sick and is still in the legal process. Responding to this condition, the figurehead of Genyem, Jayapura Regency, Esau Tegai assessed that the Papua Provincial Government needs an acting governor to replace Lukas’ position.

“On the other hand, the Papua Provincial Government also does not have a Deputy Governor who replaces the daily tasks of the Papua governor,” said Esau Tegai in Sentani, Jayapura, Sunday (23/10).

Esau said that in order for public services not to be disrupted, there must be a temporary official so that the wheels of government continue to run well without sacrificing the interests of the Papuan people.

Esau explained that the case that ensnared Lukas caused the community to not feel the results of the development.

“People suspect that this is true, so the KPK should have prosecuted it,” said Esau.

He assessed that Lukas’ mistake was related to the use of government funds. So that the settlement of the case cannot be in the realm of customary law, and must follow government rules or state law.

Meanwhile, Esau believes that the inauguration of Lukas as the head of a large ethnic group in Papua has no legitimacy.

“The appointment of Lukas Enembe as the chief of a large Papuan tribe by Dominikus Sorabut was unilateral and there was no coordination with other tribal chiefs,” concluded Esau.

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