A Hearing Meeting, Papuan DPRP Members Accommodate Aspirations of Biak Numfor People

goodmorningpapua.com – The new autonomous region (DOB) is still one of the aspirations of the residents of Biak Numfor Regency. This wish was conveyed to Papuan Provincial House of Representatives (DPRP) member Yohanis Luis Ronsumbre during a hearing (RDP) meeting. Yohanis Luis Ronsumbre said that the other things that were conveyed were the establishment of a state university, the repair of the West Biak road, the recruitment of TNI/Polri soldiers, and the implementation of Papua’s special autonomy.

“As a representative of indigenous peoples in the Papuan DPRP, I accommodate and record all aspirations submitted by residents as input for the government and the making of special regional regulations (perdasus) and Perdasi (Regional Regulations for Papua Province),” he said, Thursday (5/5/2022). ).

The RDP at the Aidoran Building of the Biak Customary Council presented a number of community components, women’s groups, adat, youth, churches, local government, police, and regional stakeholders.

“The community also expressed aspirations about protecting the customary rights of indigenous Papuans in trade, education, health, and the rights of the community’s economic activities,” he continued.

A Secretary of the Customary Council Yosef D. Korwa SH said the for and against cons of the aspirations of the Papua New Guinea were part of the dynamics of democracy. The emergence of citizen differences in responding to regional expansion is a common thing. The RDP of Papuan DPRP member Yohanis Ronsumbre in Biak Numfor Regency was also attended by Head of the National Unity and Political Agency Yermias Rumbiak and Head of Binmas Binmas Biak Police AKP Laban Purba.

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