A Head of the Muslim Communication Forum of Pegunungan Tengah Persuades Papuan People to Support DOB

goodmorningpapua.com – A head of the Muslim Communication Forum of Pegunungan Tengah, Ustad Ismail Asso, urged the Papuan people to look at DOB from a positive aspect. He revealed this when contacted in Jayapura, Saturday (4/6) afternoon.

Ismail also invoked for the participation of religious leaders in the region to respond wisely to the pros and cons in the community.

Besides, Ismail considered that the state would never intend to assassinate, harm or eliminate the Papuan people.

“The purpose of the new autonomous region is to maintain, protect and improve the security and welfare of the Papuan people equally and fairly,” said Ismail.

Since Papua has become a part of the Republic of Indonesia, the government has carried out many developments, one of which is new autonomous regions.

“This DOB is here to create a better development in Papua,” he said.

Ismail also asked local stakeholders to support the new autonomous regions.

“To all the figures and activists in Papua to work together to maintain security so as to create security and peace in the Land of Papua,” he explained.

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