A Head of New OJK in Papua and West Papua, Muh. Hutahaean Ikhsan is an Important Oasis

goodmorningpapua.com – A head of the Financial Services Authority, (OJK) for the Provinces of Papua and West Papua, was officially held by Muhammad Ikhsan Hutahaean replacing Adolf Fictor Tunggul Simanjuntak. This is known from the implementation of the handover of positions which was carried out on May 10, 2022 in Jakarta.

As the former head of the OJK Papua and West Papua, Adolf Fictor Tunggul Simanjuntak admitted that he had served for 3.5 years and had even worked in accordance with directions from the Central OJK Office.

“Perhaps the next main focus is, a sustainable program on how we develop MSME loans in the Papua and West Papua areas, including developing the digital financial industry or digital banking which ultimately improves the digital economy,”

“So every line of business, be it MSMEs or corporates, how to also develop in improving the digital economy,” he said when meeting with the press in Jayapura, Thursday (12/5/2022).

In addition, it is also hoped that the OJK will provide protection to the public regarding fraudulent investments and online loans by always monitoring the financial services industry, in this case banking in Papua Province.

“So, there are several banks that we supervise in Papua Province, including BPR, we always try optimally so that these banks can perform well, including growing well so that ultimately it will have a positive impact on economic development in Papua Province,” he hoped.

The message to the new OJK Head is to continue OJK’s strategic programs in the field of developing MSMEs and the digital economy,” he said, who now serves as the Executive Investigator of the Special Banking Specialist Examination at DRKP (Department of Special Banking Inspection).

Meanwhile, the Head of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) for the Provinces of Papua and West Papua, Muhammad Ikhsan Hutahaean, revealed that the achievement of OJK’s performance in the future is focused on increasing credit growth and strengthening capital above 15%.

“For BPR, there is indeed a superior target from several capitals. Therefore, it is hoped that in Papua Province, regarding the use of capital from BPRs, we will try to achieve the targets,” he said.

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