A Hall of Joglo Panjawi in Serui for Gathering Medium

goodmorningpapua.com – The Regent of Yapen Islands Regency, Tonny Tesar, did a groundbreaking for the construction of the Javanese Family Paguyuban Joglo Pendopo in Serui (Panjawi).

The Regent hopes that the building of the pavilion can be a medium of gathering for fellow Panjawi residents. “We hope that the pavilion will also have a positive impact, both for the residents of Panjawi as well as all communities in the Yapen Islands Regency,” he concluded.

On this occasion, the regent also provided cash assistance of IDR 100 million to support the construction of the Panjawi pavilion. “Hopefully these funds can be useful for the construction of the pavilion,” explained the regent, Sunday, February 27, 2022.

The Madurese Family Association (IKAMA) in Yapen Islands Regency, Anwar explained that at the same time an extraordinary meeting was held on the decision to change the progress of Panjawi which was approved by the Javanese Inbreeding Family Harmony (KKJS).

The groundbreaking event was also attended by the Deputy Regent of the Yapen Islands, Frans Sanadi, and the Acting Secretary of the Yapen Regional Secretary, Erny Tania. Then, the Dandim and representatives from the local police.

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