A Green Development Drivers Story in Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – The realization of green development in Papua is inseparable from the initiatives of the driving figures in various fields.

The success of realizing green development in Papua is entangled from the contribution of local leaders. At least, there are four figures who play a role in realizing nature conservation as well as improving welfare in Papua and West Papua.

First, a chairman of the Malaumkarta Generation Association in Sorong Regency, Torianus Kalami who encourages forest conservation practices through the egek tradition. The implementation of customary law has been successfully implemented in three clan areas. This practice is beneficial in forest protection.

Second, a leader of Namatota Village, Kaimana Regency, Bakrie Ombaier. It organizes the management of natural resources by the community. This effort then succeeded in forming a tourism awareness group and forming a Village-Owned Business Entity (BUMKam). The management of these environmental assets contributes to improving people’s living standards.

Third, a village figure of Kufuriyai, Betris Tefruam. He encourages nature conservation through the nutmeg sasi tradition. Similar to egek, sasi is also the practice of prohibiting the use of natural resources for a certain period of time. The goal, so that people do not harvest nutmeg prematurely. This tradition supports the development of the potential of nutmeg which is the agenda of the local district government.

Fourth, a leader of Kombif Village in Maybrat Regency, Beyum Antonela Baru. Beyum encouraged the development of citronella which was previously only a wild plant to be processed into essential oils and soap. The organization, which was led by women, then received village funds to build a production house.

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