A Former Merauke Regent: South Papua Comes True after 20 Years of Struggle

goodmorningpapua.com – Former regent of Merauke Marine John Gluba Gebse is grateful for the realization of South Papua as a new autonomous region (DOB) after the local community has struggled for 20 years.

All people in southern Papua, said Marine John Gluba Gebse, enthusiastically welcomed the establishment of the province.

“With the formation of the South Papua Province, the rights of the people are truly realized and don’t mince words,” said Gluba Gebse in Jayapura, Wednesday, July 13, 2022.

Gluba Gebse said that the existence of the South Papua Province received the blessing of the six tribes with customary rights, including the Marind, Muyu, Mappi, Mandobo, Asmat, and Auyu tribes who agreed to form a government bond.

The formation of new autonomous regions refers to the Special Autonomy Law. Thus, according to Gluba Gebse, even though it has five regions, it can still be expanded.

After being legalized in the State Gazette, the community leader from Marind hoped that the acting governor who would later lead the province was someone who could understand regional conditions and people’s expectations.

“Hopefully later development can be designed by facilitating all interests, especially the six tribes,” he said. Thus, said Gluba Gebse, they really enjoy prosperity with other Indonesian people living in South Papua Province.

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