A Event Test of PON for Roller Skating, Stale Food and Electricity Become an Evaluation.

goodmorningpapua.com – The  roller skate sport of PON XX Papua has conducted an event test on Saturday 18 September 2021 at Klemen Tinal Roller Sport Buper Waena, Jayapura City. In this event test, the electricity problems and the stale food were evaluated by the organizing committee (panpel).

The Technical Delegate (TD) for Roller Skates, Jeffry Abel, said that the stale food served to invited guests and athletes during the enet test yesterday became an evaluation material, before heading to the implementation day, which had 14 days left.

“This event test is very important for all sports. When the event test was conducted, it was not only stale food that was found, there were also several problems ranging from the lack of garbage plastic bags that should be large in size so as not to be scattered to the generator problem to anticipate if the electricity went out.”

“We understand such shortcomings because it is part of the evaluation so that it does not happen again when the game is implemented. The event test is a trial an error, starting from food to implementation when the match is over. If stale food is found, then it is very reasonable to correct it,” he explained, Saturday, September 18 in a meeting with the Sub-PB PON Jayapura City.

The Chairperson of the Panpel for the Skateboarding Branch, Yonas Randan Buak, confirmed that during the event test, more than 250 boxes of rice emitted an unpleasant odor. The smell is thought to be from coconut milk eggs served in boxed rice intended for athletes and invited guests who were present during the test event.

“The condition is indeed like that and becomes a joint correction matter, so that it does not happen again during the implementation later,” he explained. A Head of Division I Sub PB PON Jayapura City Cluster, Rocky Bebena conveyed that it was not only about food, but still lacking during the event test. “What has been found in the roller skating event test will be a joint evaluation material,” he said.

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