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A Documentary Film ‘Noken Rahim Kedua [Noken is Second Womb]’ by Imaji Papua Gets Selected Citra Cup 2021 Nominations

goodmorningpapua.com – A documentary film under the title Noken Rahim Kedua [Noken is Second Womb] by Imaji Papua surprisingly passed curation and was selected as a nominee for the 2021 Citra Cup in the Best Short Documentary Film category. Noken Rahim Kedua film is directed by Adi Sumunar with producer Yulika Anastasia.

This documentary focuses on the meaning of Noken in the daily lives of women in the Baliem Valley. This film tells about the daily life of a young mother named Mama Yowan who recently gave birth. As a Balinese woman, Mama Yowan is always attached to Noken wherever she goes.

This film invites the audience to listen to the philosophical meaning of Noken by means of the daily activities of a Balinese woman named Mama Yowan. A film director Adi Sumunar admitted that he got the idea for the film after seeing a photo posted on social media about a baby placed in a Noken hanging from a tree branch.

“I was intrigued by some of the comments about the photo, some commented what a pity they are or heartless. Then I thought to take a good look at whether the child is crying or feels comfortable,” said Adi Sumunar, in a written statement received around goodmorningpapua.com, Sunday (10/24/2021).

Adi further said that in various areas, for example in Sulawesi, children are carried in sarongs, in Java, children are carried in jarik and children in Papua are carried in Noken, and children from different cultural backgrounds remain to feel comfortable.

“I try to answer through a documentary that the life of the indigenous people in Papua, especially in Wamena, actually appears even more interesting, the baby’s life is even more in the Noken, that’s why the title is Noken Rahim Second. The baby after being born by his mother is put into the second womb, namely noken,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the film producer of Noken Rahim Kedua Yulika Anastasia said the film is a collaborative work and creative work of the community in Jayapura.

“The Noken Rahim Kedua is a documentary film that was done independently by the community. Apart from Adi who acts as a director, we work closely with Miki Wuka as an Assistant Director and Alfonso Dimara as a Director of Photography. For the music, it is filled with musical artist Septina Rosalina Layan, while the translation from regional languages ​​is assisted by Brother Petrus Hisage,” he explained.

The premiere of the film of Noken Rahim Kedua was held at the Nayak II Dormitory, Abepura, to coincide with the Commemoration of Mother’s Day December 22, 2020.

Yulika said that this year his party sent the film to the 2021 Indonesian Film Festival award. As a result, the film of Noken Rahim Kedua passed a curation and was nominated as the Best Short Documentary Film. In addition to being featured in the best short documentary category, the film of Noken Rahim Kedua was also screened at the Bali Makarya Film Festival some time ago, and in the near future it will enliven the Sumbawa Film Festival.

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