A Development for Marine and Fisheries in Papua is Planned with the Upstream to Downstream Concept

goodmorningpapua.com – An Expert Staff to the Governor of Papua, Donatus Mote hopes that marine and fisheries development must be planned and carried out from upstream to downstream.

In addition, in an integrated and sustainable manner. This methode is very important, because the marine and fisheries sector has a double effect on the economy in Papua.

“But what is certain is that the development must also be in accordance with the policies of each New Province,” said Mote in Jayapura, Friday (25/11/2022).

Mote conveyed this in the coordination forum of regional apparatus organizations (OPD), discussing marine and fisheries development plans after the establishment of the New Autonomous Region (DOB) of Papua.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Papua Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Service, Iman Djuniawal, revealed that this coordination forum is a means of synchronization, consolidation and coordination between related parties in planning post-DOB marine and fisheries development.

‚ÄúThere are still big questions, what will it be, where are you going and what will it be. We have to discuss this because maritime affairs and fisheries are Papua’s leading sectors.”

“We were collectively together but had to be separated because of the new autonomous regions policy,” said Iman.

Iman added that several policies that had been taken, especially regarding budgeting for activities in 2023, had already separated the parent province from the new province.

Meanwhile, his party has 19 technical implementing units in the new province.

“How do we have a fishing port in Pomako, that’s a question.”

“This is what we have to discuss to get information and others. Maybe the strategy will be that later the State Budget budget will be deposited in the parent province for back-up UPTs in the three new provinces,” he said

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